Lookout Pointe Reviews

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It took a few days for our request to be answered, but when maintenance cancer they did a great job. I was very pleased.

Quiet place to live. Pet friendly. Maintenance work is quick and the administration is very personal and diligent.

I moved in a couple months ago and the staff has been very helpful and patient with the questions and concerns I've had with my apartment. I love the location, it's beautiful up here. I would recommend this apartment complex to anyone looking for a good place to live.

My husband and I have been here since 2015. We love it here. The grounds are beautiful and they allow pets. We plan on staying.

Lookout pointe apartments were great and my husband and I enjoyed living here with our two dogs! They are priced great! And even better that they allow dogs! The staff is great and friendly and the people that live in the other apartments are friendly as well! We loved lookout Pointe!

Very nice management. Spacious apartment at an affordable price.

Office staff always helpful and friendly. Beautiful location. Love my apartment and grateful to have it. Occasional increases in rent sometimes a problem. Main concern is over walkways not being cleaned regularly, especially if there is pet waste on them. Feel also, trash and furniture left on grounds or parking lot to be junky looking/eyesore, and people hanging outside near walkways or parking lot to smoke unappealing and bothersome to those who do not smoke nor wish to breathe it in when walking to cars/apartments. Also find people unaware of early morning/late evening walking/running/loud talking outside peoples apartments/inside apartments when sleeping. But is apartment life, and Lookout Point is still a very great place to live. Thanks. Jon Winquist

The view is amazing! The community here is great and the free fast internet is a nice perk. The management is very nice and they helped us get our couch in through the backdoor, which helped a lot. The apartment was small, but it was nice, overall it was worth the rent.

So far so good. I love the view, the staff, and the quiet nature atmosphere. I'm a hiking enthusiast and love the fact that the trail head for y mountain is within walking distance not to mention the Bonneville shoreline trail. I like how you can use a credit card for laundry verses gettin a bunch of quarters. There's also two soda machines and they got monster energy. The pool looks great and I can't wait for it to open. I will update this review if something comes up.

We've had a great experience here since moving in in October. The apartment is small, but it's the perfect size for a couple just starting out. The view is absolutely breathtaking and all of our neighbors are very pleasant. Whenever we have called for maintenance the issue is always taken care of in a very timely manner, and the office staff is always super friendly and helpful. We can hear our upstairs neighbors sometimes, but that is to be expected with an apartment. The community itself is usually pretty quiet and peaceful.

It was a great first APT. A little small but it's a great starter place and a great view. Management was always prompt and fair. Has a great time while there. Only thing we didn't really like was the hill that you had to drive up in the winter. It was usually clear but occasionally we got stuck cause we have small cars. Fun place to live!

Lookout Pointe is a beautiful diamond in the rough. Old established trees. Tons of room to explore. Wonderful heated pool. Right at the base of the...

Lookout Pointe is a beautiful diamond in the rough. Old established trees. Tons of room to explore. Wonderful heated pool. Right at the base of the...

I have lived at Lookout Pointe Apartments for 3 years .I have met some real wonderful neighbors here who are friendly and caring. There are some real positive things going on here, where they have good activity and social gatherings. It is real kept and clean. The apartments are great with a good view of the mountains, also hiking and swimming, it is also pet friendly and there aren't many place where you can have a pet .There are also parking areas for your car and keep the snow off.

Loved living at Lookout Pointe! It was mine and my husband's first apartment together and we couldn't have been happier. Mindy is amazing!! She is always so willing to help and service all of our requests. We only signed a 6 month lease (which was already an exception to begin with), and she was totally willing to sell our contract 2 months early. The maintenance guys are way fast and nice. The pool was great, the neighbors and parties were fun. And the view was just breathtaking! Loved watching the fireworks on the 4th of July from our balcony. We seriously still miss Lookout Pointe sometimes. Give it a try!!

Lookout Pointe is a beautiful place to live. They are not brand new apartments. But are maintained very well. The management has been a gem to deal with and takes great deal in making sure they keep it that way. Maintenance has been prompt and pleasant in my experience so far. A lot of the apartments here are remodeled with really pretty, dark wooden flooring. My apartment is carpeted. and not prefect. I have yet to live in a rental with great carpet. If you live facing West you will be blessed with a beautiful view of the Utah Valley from your apartment balcony. Otherwise you just need to walk towards the mountain in your back yard and fine a nice spot to chill or hike. The grounds are wonderful. Especially if you have a dog. The Bark Park is nice to be able to take your dog off leash, its not huge, but it's great. Lots of old beautiful trees surrounding the buildings and pool. The pool is very well maintained. There are a lot of stairs. It's not the greatest for bringing in groceries. But it sure makes the place feel secluded and private. I've been here one winter so far, it was mild. But the grounds were very well kept. Overall, this is my favorite apartment in Utah County. Very quiet, and relaxed. I haven't attended any of the resident get together's yet, but I think its great that people in my area take the time to be friendly. It's beautiful here!! I cant help but read the other comments, it makes me wonder if any of these previous residents have lived anywhere else. This place is a Diamond in the rough. I am very pleased.

No matter where you go there are always problems you will not be able to go anywhere without it having some kind of problem. At Lookout Pointe there are 4 things to go against the problems. First they explain everything in detail so that you understand what you are paying for. Second there are really kind neighbors that are willing to help with anything you need. Third, most managers dont care about you only about your money the managers at lookout pointe are kind with you from the start to the finish. and last but not least there are get togethers every single month this is for all residents to come and enjoy eachothers company.

Is this the fanciest place in Utah Valley? No. But It really isn't a bad place to live. We have a one bedroom apartment and because we take care of it, we like our little home. If we ever had a problem with something in the apartment the maintenance guy would be on it really fast. I think where this place really shines is the management. They are the most amiable front office people I've met in Provo. They have to deal with a lot of government assisted tenants (and the problems that come along with that) yet they still have a cheery demeanor. We just had out contract expire and wanted to stay a few extra months for family reasons but we didn't want to pay the extra $100 a month off contract (yikes!), so Krista hooked us up with a lease extension. Awesome! There are a number of negative reviews here, but I think they may stem from a) not understanding the contract they signed or b) the other people in the complex. It is a safe place that I've called home for two years and I will be sad to leave it.

Lived here a little over a year. We love it. the best part is the dog park where our pup can get off leash and play. And for the most part the neighbors are great